‘Grimm’: 25 Things to Know from the Set of Season 5

7. Adalind is really trying to be human this season.

Claire Coffee, who plays former Hexenbiest Adalind Shade gets to play nice for a change this season, for the most part: “Adalind is trying to figure out how to be a human, and how to have feelings and how to care for someone really, so it’s a totally different path. She’s going to try her damndest, but that Wesen thing always creeps in, so we’ll see. It all depends if she gets her powers back. It’s something she has no control over, and she doesn’t know when it will come back.”

David Giuntoli: “Claire’s fantastic, and our characters have such a history that you don’t have to find new stuff. When they have us living in the same house together and sharing a sandwich, I know how I’m going to play that right away. It’s going to be as awkward as can be, you’re the mother of my child but you’ve tried to murder my aunt, I don’t know what to do with you, so it informs all my decisions as an actor, and she’s fantastic.”